how can I include the framework spring in netbeans


Hello friends, I am new to the development of java programming and they asked me to use the framework spring for java web development but I enter their website and I do not see a download button of the framework or .jrar files nor nothing like that as it could be integrated into NetBeans 8.1

Excuse me for my ignorance would you appreciate your positive comments?

asked by simon 28.01.2017 в 14:33

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I would recommend that you start using spring boot initializr: link

This generates a base project depending on the dependencies that you indicate to start programming directly. You'll see that in the pom.xml file the spring libraries already matter.

The following link explains very basically how it works: link

Eclipse is used, but with netbeans you can import the project that generates spring boot initialize easily as maven project.

You will need to have maven installed.

answered by 28.01.2017 в 14:55

When creating a web application in NetBeans, once all the fields referring to the name of the same, the server that you are going to use, etc., are completed, it gives you the option to integrate different frameworks in your application, among them Spring , but I think it is necessary to have the J2EE version installed. If this is not the case, from the pluggins section you can update the environment.

answered by 28.01.2017 в 15:05