Domain registration / subdomain


I have a website with a domain like . I want to create an api rest in a subdomain, with what I would also use: Is it a separate domain in terms of domain registration?

asked by Orici 02.02.2017 в 03:11

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No, if you register a domain, you can create the subdomains you want. The only thing you have to do is run a DNS for your subdomains (if you want to differentiate the IP) or configure your web agent to filter / redirect your services. Most providers allow you to configure subdomains in your nameserver. Ask support.

If you need your own DNS, I recommend djb's tinydns , but you should read and understand Well the concept of DNS, or hire an advisor. Usually your provider should give you assistance (if it's good).

answered by 02.02.2017 / 03:24