Do not install the apk in Android studio


By hitting it in run app in android studio to test the app on my physical device does not finish installing the apk, it does not upload the load bar and the spinner does not stop spinning. Before, if I did, does anyone know what may be due? Since I have not touched or changed anything, in addition to the app if it is displayed on the device, although in Android studio pass the comments above. Thanks.

asked by tripossi 17.02.2017 в 11:43

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Do you have Instant run activated? Sometimes it gives me problems and when I turn it off, everything works. You can check it in File-> Settings-> Build, Execution, Deployment

answered by 17.02.2017 в 12:14

You comment that if you show the application but the progress bar does not go up.

It may be that the generated .apk uploads it since I did not detect any change in the code. if you disabled the option Instant Run , File > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment.

rebuild the project using: Build > Clean project > Build Project

this will force to upload a new version of .apk

Something could be probably missing with the cable of your device but it could be the ADB, you can try restarting Android Studio, or directly in this Tools > Android > Android Device Monitor Select the option I show in the image to reset the ADB (Android Debug Bridge):

answered by 17.02.2017 в 14:14