Chrome console?


I researched a bit and I found that there is a console in google chrome thanks to a little trick in an internet game that consists of the following MC.showLevelUp(1,10,100) which I think is a function.

  • How can I see more functions (if possible all) that are available?
  • And what is the console for? What other features Do you have?
  • asked by Jose Fabio 웃 25.12.2016 в 17:07

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    In the official site Google Chrome talks about the console.

    To access the console you can press Ctrl + SHift + i

    Answering your two questions:

  • The console API .
  • The console serves several purposes. One is the debugging of code. You can see warnings, errors, etc. Another is to do simple tests using the JavaScript engine, instead of creating an html file, js, etc. Another is to use the JavaScript functionalities. For example, calculator, etc.
  • If you are a web developer, the Google Chrome console is essential to do a good job because it saves you a lot of time from finding errors.

    answered by 25.12.2016 / 17:18