SQL Error 18456 when connecting to the server


I'm having trouble connecting to "SQL Sever Authentication."

When I installed the program in the Database Engine Configuration part I selected mixed authentication mode, this created me an administrator "CRONOPIO \ Lucas (Lucas)" but when wanting to login from the SQL I get the error :


Can not connect to CRONOPIO.   Login failed for user 'Cronopio \ Lucas'. (Microsoft SQL Sever Error: 18456.

I also tried logging in simply by using "Lucas" but still I get the error. There are no problems when logging in with Windows authentication but I need to do a job and it is necessary to log in with SQL.


asked by Lucas. D 30.10.2016 в 03:34

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To connect in SQL Sever Authentication mode, you must use a login that was created for that mode.

The administrator ( CRONOPIO\Lucas(Lucas) ) that was created when installing the database must be Windows Authentication . You can verify this by looking at the properties of that login ( Security --> Logins ). You can not use this login to login in SQL Sever Authentication mode.

What you need is to create a new login created specifically for SQL Sever Authentication . For this, go to Security --> Logins , and make New Login... . There, make sure to choose SQL Sever Authentication :

answered by 30.10.2016 / 04:11