Create prototypes for Android applications


I am interested in opting for a tool that is very useful for me to be able to perform prototypes of mobile applications , specifically for Android. I started looking for some on the web, but as you will understand there are many, that's why I would be interested in hearing about your opinion and that you could recommend some of them based on your development experience. Thanks in advance.

asked by Brando T. 10.10.2016 в 02:29

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On the internet you can find several options to make prototype designs for mobiles, I add some that might interest you and at least some time I have used.

answered by 10.10.2016 в 18:07

A good option is invision and if you want they have free course in Udacity .

As an opinion and based on the experience, it seems to me that the important thing is that the prototype can be sent to the client so that they can comment on it and accumulate those notes to arrive at what they really needed to develop.

answered by 10.10.2016 в 14:25

If you are a Mac user, I recommend you try Adobe XD is in the preview phase and for the moment it's free, I'm using it and it's very complete if you want to create your designs and prototype in the same app.

answered by 11.10.2016 в 20:52