Unable to compile in xamarin for iOS


I just downloaded XAMARIN STUDIO for MACOS , to be able to try developing apps for iOS using c #.

Perform the installation correctly, and for android for example works perfectly. The problem comes when I try to compile an iOS app, I always get this error, and for more that I look for I do not give with the solution.

This is the error that always appears to me:

/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/External/xbuild/Xamarin/iOS/Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets: Error: Error executing task Codesign: Required property 'SigningKey' not set. (pruebaiosxam)

Thanks for your collaboration.

asked by Sergio Cv 24.09.2016 в 12:48

1 answer


Go to Xcode->Preferences->Accounts

Add an account, then in the same view, click on:

View Details->Mac Development->Create

answered by 24.09.2016 / 13:18