How to access the properties of a file in laravel 5.2?


I'm trying to access the properties of an image

Most of them agree so


that is to say with the get ahead of the property but to which they have script, I am not able to access, I am looking at the documentation and I do not give with the section to access these properties, Specifically the properties are

  • Test
  • originalName
  • mimeType
  • size
  • error

obviously I could access from some php method, but I would like to find one from Laravel.

asked by KurodoAkabane 16.06.2016 в 11:40

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Reading the documentation I see that:

For originalName:

$name = Input::file('imagenarticulo')->getClientOriginalName();

For mimeType:

$mime = Input::file('imagenarticulo')->getMimeType();

To size:

$size = Input::file('imagenarticulo')->getSize();

I can not find any way to get the Test or Error attribute.

answered by 16.06.2016 / 11:52