Problems with C # and TextMode="Number"


Good evening, I currently have a big problem with c # in, the following happens: To the textbox I am placing a textmode="Number" so that only adding numbers, it turns out that for a strange reason Visual Studio 2012 send this error:


Error 6 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBoxMode' does not contain a   definition for 'Number' C: \ Users \ Alejandro   Fernandez \ Desktop \ MarketVenezuela \ market_RegistroEmpleado.aspx 77

What I understand is that it is not in your library, but if you give me the option to put it, I should not accept it. Thanks for your help guys

asked by Alejandro Fernandez 07.06.2016 в 04:52

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Make sure that you are using Framework 4.5 onwards, from 4.0 downwards it does not allow that type of data although for the Visual Studio version that's probably why the intellisense suggests it to you.


answered by 07.06.2016 в 23:24

Normally this type of error occurs because it is not a supported function. Verify that your project has been done with the most updated Framework, if not, update and try again.

answered by 15.07.2016 в 09:34