Difference between "push" and "push to upstream" in plugin (native) GitHub Netbeans


I work with netbeans and the github tool that comes with the new versions of this IDE brings those 2 options and I still can not tell their differences.

Thank you.

asked by Sergio O Ayala Yañez 06.05.2016 в 07:51

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For what I remember (I have not used netbeans for a while):

  • Push to Upstream performs a push to the remote repo as you would expect say
  • Push I opened a dialogue where you allowed to choose specific things of the push, refs specs, tags, etc
answered by 10.05.2016 в 04:26

Actually this is a specific question of Netbeans, in fact other IDE have these options.

Push: A dialog box opens to specify which refspecs you should perform push, including tags, special cases like HEAD: refs / heads / master, etc

Push to Upstream: Perform push to the branch as a Remote tracking branch.

answered by 10.05.2016 в 04:39