files * .do instead of jsp?


I am helping in the development of an application, made with java and jsp. The links appear as .do instead of .jsp, even though the files are .jsp. The most I could find is that it has to do with struts or something like that extension, but my question is if I create a new .jsp file, how and where I have to configure it to open it later. I feel the ambiguity, to see if at least you can give me information about this extension.

Thanks to Pablo, I found the file "struts-config.xml", and I configured my jsp "mostrarCargos.jsp" in the following way, but it still does not work, so something else is missing.

        <forward name="MostrarCargos"
            path="/WEB-INF/page/administracion/mostrarCargos.jsp" />
        <action path="/MostrarCargos" forward="/mostrarCargos.jsp" />
asked by Sergio 03.01.2019 в 13:24

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In Struts you can reach a jsp, by means of a Action (Controller) in the following way:

    <action path="/MuestraCargos"

and in my action class only refer to the forward , which you have configured in the global-forwards , as follows:

       public class MostrarCargosAction extends Action{

           public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping,ActionForm form,
              HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response)
              throws Exception {

                return mapping.findForward("MostrarCargos");


which will make it redirect to /WEB-INF/page/administracion/mostrarCargos.jsp, and the way to call it in the url will be:


The other way is how you have it configured, by means of a Action but without a class, with what you have configured in the action-mappings :

       <action path="/MostrarCargos" forward="/mostrarCargos.jsp" />

The way to call it is slightly different at the end of


The error that marks you on the 404, is because you are looking at webapp or WebContent the jsp showCargos.jsp , you can configure it as the one you have in the global-forwards that redirects to /WEB-INF/page/administration/showCharges.jsp or put the jsp in the webapp folder strong> or WebContent directly.

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