Where Android Studio saves the images of the downloads


I'm (migrating to Android Studio) and getting failed downloads when trying to download the images of dispositivos virtuales and I would like to delete them, because they take up a lot and I have to download several images, I imagine they will be stored in a temporary directory or something like that, the question is, in a GNU/Linux system where Android studio keeps said images.

Android Studio 1.5.1

Update: I already found it with what widened the question, you can delete it without any more or android studio, it takes some record on the other hand and you have to delete it from the IDE itself

asked by Angel Angel 08.01.2016 в 23:15

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They are saved in your personal folder and with Ctrl + h samples the hidden files are in .android/avd


  • In some GNU / Linux OS the virtual devices after being created they are stored in the .android / avd directory.
  • But when using the AVD Manager and download the sistem imagen are stored in Android/Sdk/system-images/ for a API 23 , where the Sdk is inside the Android directory of your personal directory the route would be something like this /DirectorioPersonal/Android/Sdk/system-images/android-23/
answered by 09.01.2016 / 08:39