Compile without having Visual Studio installed


Can it be compiled without having Visual Studio installed? Is there a portable tool to use on computers without VS? I've read about the existence of VS Build Tools, but I can not find where to download it.

Here there is no download link - > Visual Studio Build Tools

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

asked by tonimarquez84 02.03.2016 в 14:03

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You could compile by command line

Command-line Building With csc.exe

is what MsBuild


You could also evaluate

The Microsoft Build Engine

I think it fits what you plan


The Microsoft Build Engine is a platform for building applications. This engine, which is also known as MSBuild, provides an XML schema for a project file that controls the build platform processes and builds software. Visual Studio uses MSBuild, but MSBuild does not depend on Visual Studio

answered by 02.03.2016 / 14:20

MSBuild is a building tool that helps automate the process of creating a software product, including compiling the source code. With MSBuild, it is possible to build Visual Studio projects and solutions without the Visual Studio IDE installed. MSBuild is currently available at no cost.

I used this version: Microsoft Build Tools 2013

Here is the documentation of the command line: MSBuild Command Line Reference

In my case I created a msbuild project file and I invoke it as follows by the commando line:

MSBuild.exe Proyecto.msbuild /t:Limpiar;Compilar;Test;Comprimir /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=x64 /p:DebugSymbols=false /p:DebugType=None
answered by 27.03.2017 в 21:11