Differences between Spring boot and Spring MVC [closed]


I see that when executing a Spring boot application raises a server in 8080, I would like to know what is the difference between these two aspects, with a clear example maybe.

asked by jonathan 17.11.2017 в 16:45

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You are comparing two different things, I try to clarify the concepts:

Spring MVC does not exist as a framework today, it is part of the Spring Framework, from which different extensions have emerged, such as Spring HATEOAS, Spring REST Data ...

Spring Boot is something totally different: it's a package to create J2EE applications quickly and with everything included. You can create a JAR file that includes even the Tomcat libraries, with which you do not need to have a server installed, just type in the java -jar .jar command line and you already have a web application with the ports ready to receive calls. In fact, the easiest way to create a project with spring boot is to download a "skeleton" of the custom-generated application from the web link

Therefore, it is common to use Spring boot to create your application and that it uses the components known as Spring MVC to serve your data.

answered by 17.11.2017 в 17:05