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It turns out that I create a report in ReportViewer with data from the database in sql server and I generate it as A4 sheet in horizontal, the issue is that when I put the preview it generates two sheets with one data and another blank , I already tried to remove the margins, shrinking the data table as much as possible, but the solution does not turn out to be the same, I also set the "Allow size increase" option in each cell to false and in the controls also the same. This is the report.

And so it comes out in the preview when I generate the data for the report

Page 2

Please, if someone could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it, Thanks.

asked by Pignal 27.08.2018 в 17:30

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I managed to solve it in this way, it turns out that I went to report properties and in the "ConsumeContainer" property it was false and I set it to true and it turned out to be that, I suppose for every column of data that was created it generated a space or something, but it was solved

answered by 28.08.2018 / 14:18

It is indeed because the width is too long, specifically because the width of body plus the left and right margins should be less than the width of page size of the report, because if you spend even for a 1px it will generate the blank page.

Make sure of these dimensions, by looking at the rule in design or by checking in the window the width properties of body and the dimensions of the margins.


If you have problems with the sizes of the controls, I would recommend expanding the width according to your needs, increase the sizes in the page size of the report and verify that the interactive size has the dimensions of the sheet you are going to work on.

For example:

Your columns and the report have a total width of 9in (inches) and the margins are 0.5 in; what makes your width report have 10in and it is necessary to print it on a letter sheet (8.5x11) in vertical, then in the page size you put:

width = 10in

The stop by a rule of three determines the proportionality:

height = 10 x 11 / 8.5 = 12.94

and you ensure that the interactive size has the correct dimensions, this will make the impression fit the size of the sheet, without you making small cells and modifying the sources.

answered by 28.08.2018 в 00:15