Why does a line of text about the functions in Visual Studio Code come up?


Hello for days in Visual Studio Code I get a text about the functions of my code: Complexity is 11 You must be kidding. (the frame with green arrow in the image)

The number changes depending on the function.

A colored square also comes out after the key of the function (the frame with blue arrow)

When clicking on the text, which does not count as a line of code, several lines appear at the top of the editor.

What function or meaning does this have?

A few days ago install an extension of Node.js, but now it does not appear to tell you what it is and may have to see.

If you gave me an idea of what it is or where to look, review Microsoft tutorials and find nothing.

Thank you.

asked by Mari Cruz 25.06.2018 в 18:37

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As @ alanfcm says it is partly "CodeMetrics" , but it must be a dependency of VS Code for Node.js . If it bothers you a lot, removing it will disappear everything, the comments and the colored boxes.   "CodeMetrics" , you will not be able to be a dependency. I hope I have helped.


EDIT:   If you only modify editor.codelens: false is when only the comment disappears, CodeMetrics you will not be able to delete it.

answered by 25.06.2018 / 22:14

You can disable messages in the settings.json file. You need to change the following setting:

"editor.codeLens": false,

You can find the settings in:


File > Preferences > Settings

answered by 25.06.2018 в 18:50