Netbeans - "The CATALINA_HOME / conf / server.xml can not be read"


I am trying to build a Tomcat server in Netbeans, I have already installed the Tomcat plugin and I have correctly configured my environment variable CATALINA_HOME but I get this error:


The /conf/server.xml can not be read

I do not know what could be happening, by doing echo $CATALINA_HOME I get usr/share/tomcat . My file server.xml if it exists in the path usr/share/tomcat/conf/server.xml

I'm working with Ubuntu 16.04

asked by Levi Arista 20.04.2018 в 00:36

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Maybe you should check the permissions of the file, execute this command in usr/share/tomcat/conf/ to be able to see the permissions of the files, there review the permissions of server.xml

ls -l 

If it were the case that you do not have all the necessary permits, execute this:

chmod 777 server.xml
answered by 20.04.2018 / 00:52