"No such interface supported" using Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools


I am trying to use Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools but when I open the window this message appears:

The diagnostic tools failed unexpectedly.

Then I check the output window and set the output to Diagnostics Hub there it throws me

No such interface supported
No such interface supported
  • I am currently running a console .NET application. Consuming a REST API hosted in Azure
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 1 14.0.24720.00

What can the error be caused by? How can I solve it?

asked by JuanK 29.12.2015 в 21:46

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It seems to be a problem related to some Windows update, the update process does not take into account or wrongly modify some files that interfere with the operation of the Diagnostic Tools window.

The solution that there is - although it is assumed that in some later version of Visual Studio this would be solved - is to delete those files following these instructions.

  • Close Visual Studio.
  • Open the console with administrator permissions ( cmd )
  • Enter the following commands:
  • cd %systemroot%\system32     
    takeown /f DiagnosticsHub.*    
    icacls DiagnosticsHub.* /grant %username%:F
    del /q DiagnosticsHub.*

    Now it is recommended to restart VS.

    You can read more about it here .

    answered by 30.12.2015 / 00:09