Android Studio Can the LogCat be set to colors?


Is it possible to put the Android Studio LogCat monitor in a different color, to differentiate, Warnings, Error, Debug, Info, Verbose and Asserts?

Something similar to Pid Cat

asked by Webserveis 13.01.2016 в 22:10

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You can do it in the following way:

File > > Settings > Editor > Color & Fonts > Andorid Logcat

This capture is about Android Studio 1.5.1 , for other versions you can not consult it right now but if you have another version, you can try searching by Preferences/Settings > Editor or File > > Settings .

As you can see apart from the predefined by the Scheme , you can see that Assert , Debug , Error , Info , Verbose , Warning appear and next Foreground and other features to be edited, as you change from one to another you will see the characteristics that apply to each one, being able to modify them.

answered by 13.01.2016 / 22:44