How to update or insert data from one table to another table in the same database in SQL


Good morning one more time I need to get used to greeting help

The problem I have is that I want to update a table with the data of another table always in the same database in SQL but for reasons of life has not updated me this is the script I always use:

UPDATE TablaDestino SET TablaDestino.ID = (Select CompoActulizar FROM TablaOrigen AS m) 

but it does not update me I wanted to know if they could help me and how would it be when I want to update more than one field

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asked by Jose 24.04.2018 в 17:05

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When you need to execute a scrit in a single database, use:


And below it, all the script to execute on that base.

Another option is to indicate completely the name of the table, database + scheme + name, that is:



It should be noted that "dbo" is the standard scheme, if you did not specify it when you created the table.

In your situation I would think that the error is not in what base you are using but rather in your script.

Your sub-select can return many values, so you must use a Top (1), so that it only returns one result, in the following way:

UPDATE TablaDestino 
SET TablaDestino.ID = (SELECT TOP(1) CompoActulizar FROM TablaOrigen AS m)

I hope the explanation has helped you solve your problem, regards.

answered by 24.04.2018 в 17:18

Update several fields:

UPDATE TablaDestino 
SET TablaDestino.Campo1 = (SELECT CompoActulizar1 FROM TablaOrigen),  
TablaDestino.Campo2 = (SELECT CompoActulizar2 FROM TablaOrigen)

Why do not you update?

Has answered the partner Rostan



The destination table is empty and I want to update the ID, that is to say that all the id of the origin I put them in the tableDestino - Jose 10 minutes ago

INSERT INTO tabla2(columna1, columna2, columna3, ...)
SELECT columna1, columna2, columna3, ...
FROM tabla1
WHERE concicion;

Since you have not passed a structure of your tables, I hope this example serves you

answered by 24.04.2018 в 17:22