Error opening old ASP.NET


I have had an old website made in Visual Studio 2010, I need to open it to see how it works internally. I try to open the project with VS2015 Professional but it gives me the following error and it does not open it for me.

I would appreciate if someone tells me how I can open it since in the ASP.NET world I hardly have any experience. Thanks

asked by U. Busto 18.12.2017 в 16:20

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This error is due to the fact that Visual Studio tries to create a virtual directory in a unit mapped to the unit Z , which may be disconnected or do not have write permissions. It also seems to me that you are opening the solution from an external route to your team.

Ideally, open the solution from your computer so that you are not dealing with network failures, as well as follow the following instructions to create a local virtual directory:

  • Once you have your solution open, click on the Project menu and then on Properties
  • Select the Web tab, and Project URL make sure you have a route to localhost:

  • Click on the Create Virtual Directory button and you're done.
  • With this, you are creating a virtual directory in your local IIS, without the need to depend on an external unit to your team and ensuring that the application will run directly in your localhost .

    answered by 20.12.2017 / 10:10

    Try to do the following:

  • Close Visual Studio 2015
  • In the folder: C: \ Users \ USER \ Documents \ IISExpress \ config \
  • Find the file: applicationhost.config
  • Rename the file to: applicationhost_old.config
  • Try to reload the VS 2010 project one more time.
  • answered by 18.12.2017 в 16:50