With asp.net core mvc and full .NET Framework 4.7 hosting


If I develop a website with ASP.NET Core and full .NET Framework 4.7 , if I want to display it, the hosting must support net core and .NET Framework 4.7 or only .NET Framework ?

asked by user3461429 04.08.2017 в 16:38

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To run net core there is a specific framework that must be installed on the computer where it runs either windows or linux, likewise to run framework 4.7 or any of its previous versions, it involves installing windows on the computer, the libraries that they support.

.net core link link

Link framework 4.7 link

The only advantage that there is really is that it is possible to reuse some code, even more if you make portable libraries.

answered by 04.08.2017 в 20:56