how can I activate IntelliSense in SQL Server 2014 when I connect to a server in azure?


Being connected locally and writing a query IntelliSense works normally, generates the autocomplete aids. But when connecting to a Microsoft Azure bd instance, the IntelliSense stops working. I found a post on English stackoverflow, where they recommend replacing the intellisence by default with another payment. Any way to fix it?

Post in English StackOverflow

asked by Alvaro Gutierrez Quiroz 11.08.2017 в 03:48

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Update the Management Studio to version 17.2 that already supports Intellisense.

Source SQL Server Management Studio - Changelog (SSMS)

Here is an extract of the relevant change:


IntelliSense is now supported for Azure SQL Database    link

answered by 11.08.2017 в 20:56