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I have a small question regarding a reader that I am using in my project to recognize identity documents.


PDF417 is one of the bar codes that can be used to   print the postage accepted by the Postal Service of the States   United and equally is one of the three codes admitted in the   Bar Coded Boarding Pass standard (Coded Board Pass in   Bars) of the airline industry as the 2D barcode for the   issuance of printed boarding passes, was also selected   by the US Department of Homeland Security as the   Mechanical reading zone technology for driver licenses   compatible with RealID and identification cards issued by the   state. The FedEx transportation company uses it on the labels of the   packages that it transports. Outside the United States, it is used by the   National Registry of the Civil State of Colombia for the issuance of   the Citizenship Certificate. Wikipedia

This is the reference of the Hardware that I will implement:

  • Hardware: DS9208 Zebra

View Hardware

When reading the code with the identity document of a citizen, all the data set in cells is displayed in an excel (Previously, the data was thrown in a single line, but as I found a plugin of the same hardware it was configured and now it throws the data by cells, what it was that I was looking for him to do):

  • 37335083 | 417740 | 1000025047 | HERNANDEZ | PEREZ | MICHAEL | STEVEN | M | 00000000 | A

But having solved that, in the browser to have say several fields use the first to put the first variable, the second continues on the next tab that has open, and the third keeps looking for another field, and so on until finalize the variables), I was thinking of using an excel file to upload the data and pass the data I need to the BD, but it is not the ideal solution I'm looking for, so as not to depend on a third party.


Note: It should be noted that what I'm looking for is saving time to write personal data field by field, Names, Surnames, Number, etc. For this reason, we are using this type of readers, to read it and be inserted in the fields and just give the button to execute the function.


It was important to investigate a lot, reading the guides, playing the test and error (making the rules to understand how the hardware works through the Zebra program to configure Scanners or readers).

In the following link you can find the software and include some videos in English to configure the scanner:

Link to download software and documentation

La regla fue :
Toca eliminar las dos primeras reglas, y dejarla de esta forma:

1. Send Extended Key <tab>
2.Send Next <8>
...y el resto de funciones se dejan por defecto.
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It deactivates the plugin that you mention: it is using internal combinations of keys like CTRL + TAB to pass from one cell to another in Excel, and that in the browser is interpreted as changing the tab.

Once this is done, I put a TEXTAREA on your form so that the user can scan the barcode, and dump the result in a single line. Then use JavaScript to process that line, separate the different fields, and show them to the user (either in a table with jQuery, in a paragraph, or whatever).

Below I give you an example. Execute it and try copying a complete line of PDF417 in the text field.

function procesarPDF417(cadena) {
  var campos = cadena.split("|");
    "ID: " + campos[0].trim() + "\n" +
    "Apellido: " + campos[3].trim() + "\n" +
    "Nombre: " + campos[5].trim()
<textarea id="texto" oninput="procesarPDF417(this.value);"></textarea>
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