How to execute an sql file from Visual Basic script


I have a query made in SQLServer 2014 I want VisualBasic Script to run from a file indicating the location, or in some case some code to execute it from VisualBasic

asked by Saul Espinoza 20.06.2017 в 18:33

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You can run SQL scripts in the Solution Explorer by dragging a script file to a database in the Database References folder. Another way to execute SQL scripts is to right-click the script and choose Run or Run from the context menu. When you choose Run, the SQL script runs in the default database. When you choose Run in, you can select which database to use.

Note For a list of the SQL script file extensions that you can use, see Working with scripts. I work with scripts.


I hope it works.

answered by 20.06.2017 / 18:39