Differing Priorities of Mapbox Location on Android


To get positions with the control mapbox we use LocationEngine I see that you can specify the priority, ie the sampling of location data.

locationEngine = LocationSource.getLocationEngine(this);

Here LocationEnginePriority that only says the types:


Searching inside your code mapbox-java :

private void updateCurrentProvider() {
    // We might want to explore android.location.Criteria here.
    if (priority == LocationEnginePriority.NO_POWER) {
      currentProvider = LocationManager.PASSIVE_PROVIDER;
    } else if (priority == LocationEnginePriority.LOW_POWER) {
      currentProvider = LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER;
    } else if (priority == LocationEnginePriority.BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY) {
      currentProvider = LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER;
    } else if (priority == LocationEnginePriority.HIGH_ACCURACY) {
      currentProvider = LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER;

I wonder what difference there is in using LOW_POWER with BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY ? the two at first instance get the positions of NETWORK_PROVIDER

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Translation about the post found:


Developers must decide how much energy to use to calculate the location using a combination of Wi-Fi elements, mobile networks and sensors to calculate the location.

Existing this difference in the two elements that you comment

  • PRIORITY_LOW_POWER (~ 10km city precision)
  • PRIORITY_BALANCED_POWER_ACCURACY (~ 100m precision blocked)

You can find the full post at: ( link )

From Google's api:


To add the level "block" ("blocked") of precision

A precision of 100 meters is considered. Using this type of repetition you often consume less energy

public static final int PRIORITY_HIGH_ACCURACY

Set the highest level of accuracy. Returning the most accurate location

public static final int PRIORITY_LOW_POWER

Set the precision "city" ("city")

A precision of 10 km is considered. It consumes little energy

public static final int PRIORITY_NO_POWER

It will return the best possible location taking into account an extra energy consumption 0

Locations will not be returned unless a different client has requested location updates, in which case this request will act as a passive listener in those locations.

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