create help menus when the app is opened for the first time? [closed]


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asked by osiel rios escosia 09.04.2017 в 04:47

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You have several libraries at your disposal, everything depends on the complexity you want, if only it is to show title description or to make a use tutorial and detect if the user presses or enters the content for the next point etc ...

FancyShowCaseView Library

Download: link

Tap Library Target Prompt

Download: link Another similar to the last: link

HintCase Library

For something more personalized download: link

answered by 09.04.2017 в 14:30

Well in this case I choose to use one of the bookstores that you can find in Github, without a doubt they carry out the work:




answered by 09.04.2017 в 07:17

You can create an XML file in which you save if the user has already entered the application and if not, show the help menu and save a value in the XML so that it does not appear again.

answered by 09.04.2017 в 05:23