Enable htaccess apache 2.2.15 on Scientific Linux


Hi guys, good afternoon,

In short, my problem is as follows >

I need to enable the htaccess file, the web is currently running with the apache service 2.2.15 and the S.O that contains it is Scientific Linux.

I have been reading the documents on the net, the only steps I took were the following: Activate modrewrite and AllowOverride

But frankly, I'm scared of messing up, so I turn to your help.

Thank you!

asked by Juan C 07.05.2017 в 21:14

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To enable the .htaccess files you need in the Directory context to enable the following directives:

AllowOverride All

AllowOverride makes the .htaccess file (created by the user) be taken as part of the configuration (created by admin), in the directory and sub-directories of the context you are modifying. Also, AllowOverride allows you to fine-tune the permission to not enable the full spectrum of possibilities.

Here is the Apache manual link

Additionally, if your .htaccess is going to be used to write nice URLs (as Wordpress does, for example) you need to enable rewrite support with:

a2enmod rewrite

and the option of FollowSymLinks enabled in context Directory :

Option FollowSymLinks 

that may or may not be next to other options such as Indexes , but that is another issue.

answered by 08.05.2017 / 14:19