As a redirection to my website through my enabled ports?


I currently have a small website that I want to show some people so they can see it, but I do not want to upload it to a free server because it limits my functionality a lot, so I want you to see it from my ip public, in theory already activate the ports or better said open the necessary ports that in this case would be the port: 80.

When I enter my public ip I get the following information

The public ip address is: https://177.229.x.x:80/ , but this public ip shows me the window to start the configuration of my router and does not show me the website that I would like it to be displayed, how do I redirect it to my website?.

I also tried to open it in a browser that would go through different proxies to see if there would be a different result but through tor I got the following:

I'm using the Linux-Mint OS

asked by David 21.07.2017 в 01:42

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How to put my website visible with a public ip?

I'll give you a video explaining how to configure your modem to open ports.


Configure a port of your modem so that it redirects to your pc in the port you occupy, by default in web servers port 80 is used.

Itenernal host: ip de tu pc

External por number: 80 - 80 

Internal port number: 80 - 80

An important fact is that no puedes acceder a tu ip publica desde tu lan directamente so I recommend that if you want to test if you configured your modem well, download Tor, that browser as it connects through proxies can access your public ip from your lan, in addition to which is almost completely automatic.

answered by 21.07.2017 / 01:48