I miss Android Studio [closed]


Yesterday android studio asked me for an update then I installed it and since then it does not want to work, when launching the application to the emulator the buttons or edit text are placed in the upper left together

asked by Marco A Medina 20.04.2017 в 19:40

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It's not that it does not work, you're using ConstraintLayout as the main container,

<android.support.constraint.ConstraintLayout ...>

You have to add horizontal and vertical constraints, go to the edges of the view and the green circle drag it to the ends.


If you do not add these restrictions, even if you see in the design view   the buttons or view positioned correctly, when you start your application you   will see in the top left position, coordinates (0,0) of android.

You must have restrictions on the views:

check this question:

Is it possible add a LinearLayout in a ConstraintLayout or any other Layout?

and see the documentation:


answered by 20.04.2017 в 20:52