Eclipse or Android Studio? which is better for application development with OpenCV library [closed]


In Kali Linux I program with Eclipse Neon in NDK but I can not make the OpenCV library that I imported, be added as a library of my project. Which IDE is best to program with the OpenCV library? considering the version of the IDE and the version of OpenCV.

asked by Pedro Alvarez 27.02.2017 в 18:33

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Normally this question type would call answers "pure based on opinions", but in this case it is not.

End of 2015 Google terminated support for the ADT plugin for eclipse, as it is for the Ant build system. In an announcement of June 26, 2015, Google recommended to migrate Eclipse projects to Android Studio.

The latest version of ADT no longer works with the current Android SDK versions.

So between Eclipse and Android Studio, unfortunately you have no choice, if you do not want to limit yourself to producing for obsolete versions of Android - between the two, Android Studio has to be.

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