Android Studio error with my AMD PC


I have a problem, and that is that I am starting in Android Studio and it seems that the Gradle fails because it can not load a library. In summary, the error that appears to me is that I transcribe it below:


Gradle sync failed: Can not load library:   C: \ Users \ computer.gradle \ native \ 19 \ windows-amd64 \ native-platform.dll

Can someone help me? Thank you very much already.

asked by 6aston5 31.01.2017 в 02:41

1 answer


Some problem has the .dll for native development with new versions of Android Studio , or possibly the file native-platform.dll is not found, you must have these two files:

Delete the folder \native and restart Android Studio so that its content is recreated.


ensures that the file native-platform.dll is in.

answered by 31.01.2017 в 02:48