Aborta Pharo just installed


I just installed PHARO and trying to open in playground gives me an error:


PrimitiveFailed: primitive #primSize: in MultiByteFileStream failed.

If I try to do QUIT I get the error:


PrimitiveFailed: primitive #primGetPosition: in MultiByteFileStream   failed.

I'm running it on a MAC System Version 10.12 (915)

Would it work to un-install it and reinstall it? How do I do this?

I have aborted it and it gives the same mistakes again. What can I do?

asked by Robert 30.01.2017 в 20:05

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good, how did you install it?

The normal case is to download it from here: link

  • how it is not signed, you will have to accept the execution
  • how Sierra executes everything that is not in / Applications in a sandbox, you should put Pharo.app there.
  • If in spite of everything it does not go, there are other ways to start it ... but let's start here:)

    answered by 30.01.2017 в 21:36