Install ClosedXML in hosting


I'm developing in ASP.NET, C #. I have an excel file with a preset format and I'm using ClosedXML to open it and fill in the required information in the cells and then save it and be able to open it from excel.

It works perfectly when I try it in local mode, but when I pass it to the hosting (godaddy) it throws me the following error:

"CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ClosedXML' could not be found".

Line 8:  using ClosedXML.Excel;

Does anyone know how to install ClosedXML in the hosting or what needs to be done or passed to recognize ClosedXML libraries?

asked by Luis Gómez 17.03.2017 в 14:22

1 answer


See if you have it well implemented in Project References. You'll find it as a Nuget package


The reference must remain within the project, since what will surely happen is that the dll or the reference is excluded from the hosting version

answered by 17.03.2017 в 15:24