SVG image is not displayed in IE, Chrome


I'm trying to insert a vectorized image in SVG format, but I only see it in mozilla firefox, for IE and chrome it does not appear. I have searched for some documentation about svg in navigators, in many I see examples where shapes are drawn by placing coordinates, colors and the browser renders in svg image, but in my house I have that svg image in file.


   <div class= "spacioLogos">
         <p:graphicImage value="./images/logo_mexico.svg" width="120" height="55" styleClass="logoizquierda"/>

         <p:graphicImage value="./images/logo_mexico.svg" width="120" height="55" styleClass="img"/>                    


The same thing is seen if I put the html img:

<img src="./images/logo_mexico.svg" width="120" height="55" class="responsive" />

Sample of how it is rendered in browsers: Mozilla Firefox:

google chrome:

internet explorer edge:

asked by Ventur 23.09.2016 в 18:31

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I am solved, I modified the web.xml of my application adding the type-mime of images svg, with this already they are shown in Mozilla firefox, IE, and Chrome.

answered by 23.09.2016 / 20:30