I can not create a form in c ++ using sharpdevelop


Hi, I want to create a form but for c ++ the problem I can not show you a picture of the objects that I can:

The problem is that I want an idea similar to visualstudio but at least I can create my own forms in c ++ and so far I have not managed to use sharpdevelop to see if it works but it does not work I know qt but I usually have to use static libraries to transport my application so it would have been useful to know another different method.

asked by Perl 13.01.2017 в 04:43

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The c ++ standard has no alternative for creating desktop applications. At this point there are only two possibilities:

  • you use the operating system API to create the windows
  • you resort to a third-party library that provides this feature.

I would suggest the option of the library, since the APIs are not usually very friendly.

At your disposal you have many options, I'll list only some of the most common ones:

  • Qt : is a complete framework for Qt. Among its multiple utilities It has a fairly complete set of graphic controls. Have up to your own IDE.
  • wxWidget : This bookstore focuses more on offering a graphic environment.
  • GTK + : Evolution of the GTK graphics library.

The three options are multiplatform.

answered by 13.01.2017 / 07:04

to form you are referring to Windows Forms the only thing I can think of is codeblocks with wxwidget or GTK + but its implementation is cumbersome I tried it in the past but always returned to visual studio

answered by 13.01.2017 в 05:19