TAB key in sublimetext [closed]


I am editing code using sublime text 3 and it bothers me that when I press the TAB key I change the word without allowing me to select between a list of suggestions (combobox) or that I skip a line, Either option seems more comfortable to me

What should I write in Setting user to change this behavior or what plugin does it solve?

asked by Maguz 17.02.2017 в 21:03

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You have to go to Preferences - > Settings and within your settings step on the setting value tab_completion (which comes by default in true ) ..

If that does not work, you can try modifying the settings family that starts with auto_complete . In particular, for your case, you can see what effect it has to turn off or turn on auto_complete_commit_on_tab .

If playing with those options does not give you the desired result, there is a way to customize what exactly happens by pressing TAB, using a .sublime-completions file. I have no experience in the syntax of those files because I have never needed to change it, so in that case I can only refer to the exact section in the documentation on autocompletions .

answered by 18.02.2017 / 16:59