Play JButton "next" move to other options without leaving the JPanel?


A question, if I want to play in the "botonsiguiente" of a JPanel, and that I see several different options, but without opening a new window, how can I do it? My little program is about several problems to solve, I already did the first one, however when I play next I only know how to open a new JPanel, not change the info of the one inside, I feel very comfortable working for objects creating a JPanel for each problem , what I do not know is how to join them in the typical "next" button.

asked by berlot83 28.10.2016 в 19:46

1 answer


I think you should hide the current JPanel and make the other panel visible so that you can see the other functions you want without creating another screen or JFrame.

answered by 28.10.2016 / 21:21