Could not insert new outlet connection


I am learning how to program in and I'm following some manuals . I'm trying to connect a label put in storyboard with the code, for that I open the AssistantEditor and with the secondary mouse I drag to the area of the code where I want to put this label , and I get the following error:


Could not insert new outlet connection: Could not find any information   for the class and not showing any class named "ViewController"

The first label is done and it works because it was the example code given by the manual, but I tried to reproduce it and I get that error.


asked by Joacer 27.10.2016 в 12:42

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Surely you have to delete absolutely all the stored data of your project. Follow these steps:

1 - Close the project.

2 - Delete the DerivedData folder of your project. It is found in the path: ~ / Library / Developer / Xcode / DerivedData / (yourProject) /).

3 - Restart your project.

answered by 27.10.2016 / 13:16