Can there be an image inside a header? seo


I'm restructuring some page blocks and I wanted to know if I can put a type label of img within a header Is it correct? or simply a figure> img structure is as follows:

        <img src="" alt="">
        <a href=""><span></span> </a>
        <a href=""><span></span> </a>
        <a href=""><span></span> </a>
asked by Jose 07.12.2016 в 19:00

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Definition and Use Header

The <header> represents a container for the introduction content or a set of navigation links.

A <header> element usually contains:

  • one or more header elements (-)
  • logo or icon
  • authoring information

So by definition you can put a img tag.

What NO can be done with the <header> :

  • Can not be placed inside a <pie de página> element.
  • Can not be placed inside a <dirección> element.
  • Can not be placed inside another <header> element.

You can find more information here, it's a good reference website:


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