Is it wrong to start mongodb?


I have already executed the mongod commands and then mongo, which are the ones that appear in the mongodb documentation, but I get those errors. I've also created the following directory C: \ data \ db

asked by FrEqDe 30.11.2016 в 21:20

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Using a 32-bit version, the problem is:


32-bit servers do not have journaling enabled by default

and it is resolved based on what the message you get when you start the daemon specifies:

> mongod.exe --storageEngine=mmapv1

Review this response which had a similar problem, I recommend you first try enabling the property journaling :

How to run correctly mongodb service (mongod.exe)?

answered by 30.11.2016 / 21:24

Delete the folder


then re-create it, if your mongodb is not in path. Open your console and type

cd C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server.2\bin,


mongod.exe --storageEngine=mmapv1

to find out if the problem is solved, use


To be able to visualize your collections download the Robomongo Download

Set it as in the Image and you can visualize your collections

answered by 30.11.2016 в 22:59