What is the difference between the concepts "Architecture Style" and "Architecture Patron"? [closed]


What is the difference between the concepts "Architecture Style" and "Architecture Patron"? For example, it is said that REST is an architecture style while MVC is an Architecture pattern.

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The MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a design pattern, rather than architecture, but in any case the differences are:

Architectural style:

  • It is not necessary that there is a concrete problem to solve so that a style is created.
  • Create a frame of reference when defining concepts: if you think about REST, you have in mind concepts such as resource , without status , HTTP methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, PATCH) and its semantics, but it does not define how to implement them (you can use MVC or not, for example). Another example would be SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

Architectural pattern:

  • Like all design patterns, they are focused on solving a specific problem.
  • Define the steps to be followed to solve it: the MVC pattern, for example, tells you that you have to have a clearly defined Model, a View and Controllers, in addition to the expected role of each one. The Client-Server pattern defines you two well differentiated parts and how the communication between them should be.

To use an architecture analogy, you have Gothic, Romanesque styles ... but the pattern is the way to solve a general problem present in constructions (for example, how to solve the installation) electrical, or water pipes, complying with the legal regulations).

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