Error viewing a report crystal report vs2010 in version vs2012 [closed]


Create a project in c # with reports in crystal report on that occasion with Visual Studio 2010, when trying to open and execute the project in Visual Studio 2012 I do not get the reports !!!

Will there be any changes to the code or references?

Please help, I'm in trouble

asked by DCNA developer 20.09.2016 в 06:24

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Remember that both VS2010 and VS2012 do not have integrated Crystal report with the VS designer, but you must install it separately

You can download it here

SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio: Updates & Runtime Downloads

If you open a .rpt in the VS designer then you have Crystal integrated and with the necessary components to run from the development environment

For the deploy is another issue because you need the redistributables, which you should install on the user's PC

Download Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012

answered by 20.09.2016 в 07:39

The error was in the version you downloaded from Crystal report, download another one and it worked 100% thanks for the help

answered by 20.09.2016 в 22:51