Spring STS 3.8.1 runs very slow in Ubuntu 16.04


This week my spring in ubuntu is too slow, to the point that I waste a lot of time cleaning my project, waiting for it to compile and that's where it stays stuck. The project is a mvc project with maven and we manage the versioning with git (with the smartgit client). My machine has good features (core i7, 8 ram with a solid state disk). Just installed everything in my ubuntu ran great, but since this week is that this problem has occurred. The truth has always had some problems with spring, including windows, I have done what they recommend, disable the automatic build, validations and many other things but without results.

asked by julian rincon 21.09.2016 в 16:04

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Well guys, I finally managed to solve the problem. I share the solution in case someone comes to have the same problem.

In my spring launcher I simply added the attributes

-vmargs -Xmx2112M -XX: PermSize = 512M -XX: MaxPermSize = 1024M

The file of the launcher was as follows:


[Desktop Entry] Name = Spring Comment = Spring   Exec = / home / julian / Documents / programs / sts-bundle / sts-3.8.1.RELEASE / STS   -vmargs -Xmx2112M -XX: PermSize = 512M -XX: MaxPermSize = 1024M Icon = / home / julian / Documents / programs / sts-bundle / sts-3.8.1.RELEASE / icon.xpm   Terminal = false Type = Application

answered by 22.09.2016 / 15:57

As an additional note, add the parameter -Xverify:none in the configuration file .ini

Improves the boot considerably for versions 3.X

answered by 22.09.2016 в 16:12