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Dear good afternoon, unfortunately we had a problem with the company and lost the key keystore to update the application we have in production, but finally, I have no solution, what I have left is to inform to the users of our application (which are about 10 thousand) that the application they are currently using will expire on x date and to count on a certain date they will be able to download the new app, it is possible to send a message to the active users of the app Will this expire ?, I see in Google Play Developer Console that there are some options Cards and experiments, is it possible if you can guide me in the objective of experiments and if this helps with my problems?.

Greetings and thank you very much.

asked by Rodrigo 27.04.2016 в 21:52

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In future releases you can integrate a library such as AppUpdater or Android-WVersionManager , to be able to notify that there is a version of the app just when the user opens the application.

answered by 29.04.2016 / 22:49

Rodrigo, if your application has not implemented or does not support GCM notifications or some way to generate a notification, toast or dialogue, it is impossible, because for security you can not inject a notification.

Regularly this type of tasks are carried out when uploading an application, I personally believe that it is an important task to avoid this type of situations.

The data to activate this message is regularly added within a configuration file that is regularly accessed by the application, it can be .json, .xml, .plist, .rss, etc, according to the configuration the application would send a notice in a dialog or notification, may suggest redirecting to another application, or even display a message and not allow entry to the same application.

answered by 29.04.2016 в 22:06

Unfortunately without the key you will not be able to do much since the action you need to perform is massive and for security will not allow it.

Something that could work is sending an email to all the users of your app, but for this your app would have to be configured to ask the user for permission to receive emails when installing, if your app already has that permission it can work .

Check this link .

answered by 29.04.2016 в 22:25