Can I apply Devexpress Skin to a Visual Studio form, C #?


You can put the Devexpress Skin change option on a visual studio form, it's something like that

asked by avargasma 03.04.2016 в 03:50

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Of course you can do it

How to: Populate a Menu and a Ribbon Gallery with Localized Skin Items

How to: Get a List of Available Skins

The first link explains how to list the skin on a ribbon

In the second tour through the enabled skin

foreach(SkinContainer cnt in SkinManager.Default.Skins) {

to load a list or combo.

answered by 04.04.2016 в 05:45

I have already found it, when loading the Skins I must put:

answered by 04.04.2016 в 21:21