How to make my program appear in the list of Windows programs?


I have a question, how can I make my program done in Java, come out in the list of programs installed in Windows?

Any class that allows me to do this?

asked by Pablo Palma 18.10.2016 в 21:47

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This can not be done directly from Java. It happens that when you execute a program made in Java, you do not execute your main directly, what you execute is the JVM so that it executes your program. This is easy to check when you run an application from the console:

java <parámetros de la JVM> -cp <ubicación de tus librerías>

Where java , on Windows, is an executable by itself.

What some programs like the IDEs done in Java do (Netbeans, Eclipse, Idea, etc.) is to have a native OS executable (for Windows, .exe files) which can have a direct access. Within these executables, there is a call to the command java <parámetros de la JVM> -cp <resto de parámetros> .

answered by 18.10.2016 / 22:37