Integrate Android Studio project in TFS 2017


I wanted to know what is the best way to host an Android project in Team Foundation Server 2017 to version the code, commit, etc.

I could already do it in one way, which is to add it by hand. But I do not like that I must enter the VS2015 every time I have to do the Check-in or merge changes.

I also saw that there is a plugin ( link ) but it is integrated with Git and the company does NOT want to use another versioner other than TFS.

Any ideas? Thanks!

asked by Andrew 04.10.2017 в 21:53

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With TFS Power Tools you can perform all the tasks you perform from Visual Studio but from the file explorer or from the windows context menu as SVN does, I currently use tfs 2015. I attached some images of how it looks:

answered by 04.10.2017 / 22:41

TFS and Git can coexist.

TFS Is the Microsoft tool that allows you among other things to manage version control, task tracking, package management, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

In the case of version control, it allows you to manage it in two ways:

In the case that they still need to use TFVC, there is the possibility to do everything by command line:

Use Team Foundation version control commands

To show the commands you can run the following in the Visual Studio 2015 Developer Command Prompt

tf vc help  
answered by 04.10.2017 в 22:14