Problem when trying to create a new project in AndroidStudio 2.0


I am trying to create a new project in AndroidStudio 2.0. I installed the SDK and configured the path of the SDK for AndroidStudio, but when I'm finishing the steps to create a new project, I check the box "Phone and Tablet" and I give it Next, I keep on a screen that says "Installing Requested Components "and it never comes out of there. Apparently it is a problem with the SDK that I have installed but I can not see what the problem is exactly. Below I show you the screenshots of the steps I follow for this. Note: I do not have internet connection to do this, so I can not download any component from AndroidStudio directly.

In the previous image it remains as loading and does not leave there. Then, when I open the SDK Manager it tells me that all the SDK packages are installed correctly as shown in the following image:

asked by Adriana Hernández 12.07.2016 в 17:18

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Adriana, you can see how the sdk are installed, but when creating a new project you need to download the dependencies defined in build.gradle .

Connect to the internet at least once to download the dependencies and later you can activate the option "Offline Work" so you do not need to download from the internet.


answered by 12.07.2016 в 17:41