Connexion to a server via ssh


I want to know how I can connect to a server via SSH putting all the data ( user , host , password ) in script .sh ,

I need this script .sh to be executed automatically by cron and that this access a database on the server . I have the following code but I do not know how to put a hand on it

[email protected] 
VAR=$(expect -c " 
spawn ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no [email protected]$HOST $CMD 
match_max 100000 
expect \"*?assword:*\" 
send -- \"$PASS\r\" 
send -- \"\r\" 
expect eof 
echo "===============" 
echo "$VAR"
asked by Maro 24.11.2016 в 17:30

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Starting from what you tell us, let's start by making sure that the command expect is installed, so in the console you will execute a:

sudo apt-get -y install expect

Which will give you something like this if you already have it installed:


Reading list of packages ... Done
  Creating dependency tree
  Reading the status information ... Done
  expect is already in its most recent version (5.45-7).
  0 updated, 0 new will be installed, 0 to delete and 0 not updated.

If you do not have it installed you will simply install it, now, you are going to change your script for this:

spawn ssh [email protected] "ls -l ~;" # Entre comillas van tus comandos, para ejecutar varios simplemente puedes separarlos con un *punto y coma ;*
expect "password:"

Then, to execute it, we will not do it as with any other .sh file using a sh if not that we will execute it in the following way:


And voila, the console will give you something like this (depending on the commands you send, obviously):


spawn ssh user @ host ls -l ~;
  user @ host's password:
  total 4
  drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 May 19 2016 tmp

Note: The% equal% prompt will appear but you will not have to write anything, just wait for [email protected]'s password: to run

answered by 24.11.2016 в 18:30

If at any time that password changes, the script stops making sense.

I think in this case and given that it's a cron the best thing you can do is copy the key ssh and then set your ssh to connect automatically.

Copy ssh: ssh-copy-id [email protected]

And then in ~/.ssh/config :

Host nombreServidor
Hostname host
User root
Port 22

I'll give you an example, if I wanted to connect to a computer on my local network called serverPruebas with IP

Host servidorPruebas
User root
Port 22

This way only with writing ssh servidorPruebas the system connects without password.

And if I ever change the password, I do not have to worry, because I connect using ssh key .

answered by 25.11.2016 в 11:08